Why Metrc Means Your Grow Must Get Off Pen & Paper

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Cannabis cultivation has been both an art and a science since long before legalization. Lighting, humidity, nutrients, strains, insects, fungi, soil, flowering cycles, and so many other factors occupy the mind of a grower, whether they have one plant or five hundred. These days, there is a new variable to keep track of—compliance. The recreational market has only been open for seven years, following 73 years of prohibition—and so we have the opportunity to use twenty-first century technology to build efficiency, quality, and openness from scratch.

Flowhub helps Retailers & Growers stay Metric Compliant with enterprise ready solutions!

Federal inaction in this nascent market has led to a state-by-state variability that is frustrating, yet holds incredible potential for entrepreneurship. There are so many difficult, but not impossible, problems to be solved—and from solutions comes new value. In Colorado and an increasing number of states, governing bodies have chosen the supply chain tracking framework METRC to ensure product isn’t escaping to in- or out-of-state black markets.

Unfortunately, METRC is a time sink for business owners. Tagging every plant and reporting every single move, cycle, and harvest costs labor hours and, worse, is error prone. In a political environment still resistant to even allowing cannabusinesses to make standard tax deductions, compliance can be ruthless. Missing or duplicated data can get you fined or shuttered.

Flowhub began with a retail application designed to place guardrails around a dispensary’s day-to-day business, keeping stores compliant and giving them a single place to track their inventory. Growers work with METRC as well, however, so we saw a need to be fulfilled.  Right now, the cultivation industry is run almost entirely manually. State-mandated METRC tags have barcodes, but without an integrated software platform, growers have been forced to walk around with clipboards, writing down numbers by hand and uploading them into METRC via spreadsheets.

As a grower operating on pen and paper, why should you adopt an automation platform? Just like a driver considering the soon to be possible switch to a self-navigating car, the system is too new to be successful with only moderate improvements. It must be at least ten times better than the alternative—dependable enough to assuage fears over control and the unknown. Sure, pen and paper takes time, but you can look at it, hold it. You know where your spreadsheets are on your computer. Making that switch to software is a leap of faith!

Something better must be possible.

You need a way to scan your tags, a single-push option to send data to METRC, and a way to keep track of your employees’ actions along the way! You need time stamped activity logs, multiple licenses managed in one place, consistent data on losses. You need to know what is happening to your plants.  Taking experience from building a revolutionary dispensary point of sale system, we have designed the Flowhub Grow application to do all this and more. Modern software development techniques have resulted in zero down time since release, a single-click onboarding process, and a platform that can continue to be built with more features and customizability.

Not convinced yet? Get a free demo of Flowhub Grow or join us Oct. 5th, Flowhub Grow Product Manager Mark Goetz will be providing a webinar, “Getting ready for scale: Tips for Metrc plant reporting”.  There is limited space so sign up at the link below!

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What to Look for in a Cannabis Point of Sale

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As state after state legalizes cannabis for recreational or medical use, more governments are choosing METRC as their state seed-to-sale regulatory solution. At Flowhub, our core mission is to deliver modern point of sale software that makes METRC compliance a breeze.

Many businesses offer software integrated into the compliance platform’s API, but only Flowhub has been built from the ground up for the sole purpose of solving the problem of compliance. Our inventory management platform sets the platinum standard—with built-in guardrails, complete activity logging, and inventory standardization across your entire supply chain.

But don’t just take our word for it—first ask yourself What factors should I look for in choosing a POS?

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How Flowhub keeps your application running and protects your data

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This is a more technical blog post than usual, but the subject of what keeps Flowhub running in the face of infrastructure and security challenges is inherently technical. Buckle up and come along for the ride.

Much of modern software is delivered using a model known as SaaS, “Software as a Service”, where users no longer install software on their local computers, but have it delivered via the web, or a web-enabled app. Think Gmail. There are many advantages to this model: the user doesn’t have to install anything, software can easily be updated with new features with no effort by the user, the software can be used from a variety of locations and devices, and so on. For this reason, Flowhub, like many other vendors in the cannabis industry, uses SaaS to distribute its POS and Grow solutions.

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Sarah Haas, journalist for Boulder Weekly, poses at her computer where she writes her column "Weed Between the Lines."

Recipe for success: Cooking up a legal cannabis market

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“If we are going to legalize cannabis in the United States, then we better do this responsibly,” says Kyle Sherman, CEO of Flowhub, a seed-to-sale tracking company deeply ingrained in Colorado’s industry and increasingly endorsed by regulators. “If we are going to legalize it and convince regulators and the federal government that this is a good idea we need to show that we are tracking things and that there is transparency. Not to mention that they need to be able to tax it properly.”

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Flowhub in the PCMag Start-Up Spotlight

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The cannabis industry made $5.4 billion in 2015. Legally. That’s $5.4 billion worth of businesses growing and cultivating plants, processing and shipping products, and selling marijuana, cannabis oil, and all manner of edibles at dispensaries. That figure is forecast to hit $22.8 billion by 2020 according to the latest State of Legal Marijuana Markets Report from ArcView Market Research and cannabis-focused data analysis firm, New Frontier. The cannabis industry’s booming economy needs technology to function, and Flowhub is one of the companies creating hardware and software for businesses at every step of that process pipeline.

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Still shot of Kyle Sherman, CEO of Flowhub, being interviewed on KKTV

U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Case Against Legalizing Marijuana

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Monday was a big day for those who support legal marijuana in Colorado, as the Supreme Court dismissed a case to void Amendment 64.

Oklahoma and Nebraska filed the suit, claiming that when people visit legal marijuana shops in Colorado, some people are bringing the drug across state lines and causing problems for local law enforcement there.

“There wasn’t a lot that Oklahoma or Nebraska could stand on. How are they going to prove that this cannabis is in fact coming from Colorado? How are they going to prove it’s not coming from Washington? Or California? Or Oregon? Or their own state? Maybe production ramped up in their own state on the black market,” said Kyle Sherman, CEO of Flowhub.

Watch the video here

Man tossing free cannabis products into the crowd at the U.S. Cannabis Cup

High Times Moves Cannabis Cup to California After Troubles in Denver

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“We’re trying to prove that we can track cannabis from seed-to-sale, prevent product from entering the black market and bring legalization nation-wide,” Sherman says. “High Times has driven legalization and brought the industry to where it is today, but we’re entering a new era where there is business and money in the industry and we need to legitimize it to the next level.”

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Laurel Awards Logo

Laurel Awards: Flowhub is the Ultimate Cannabis Company Entering 2016

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Starting in November of 2015, we asked the cannabis community to nominate and vote for their favorite individuals, products, and organizations in the field for the inaugural Laurel Awards.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but we quickly took stock of the major players in the industry as more than 1,100 initial nominations and well over 7,500 official votes were submitted. The top winner by people’s choice in each of the ten categories will hold the honor for one year.

One thing that certainly was unprecedented was the major sweep that occured, with one up-and-coming technology company taking the Laurels in five different categories, including the top-level awards. This company had a small team of employees to vote, but hundreds of supporters, customers and fans throughout the cannabis community.
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